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Studybay Review

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Short overview

Studybay Review


  • On-time delivery
  • Good value for this money


  • Poor customer support working only for several hours
  • Time-consuming business model
  • Not native English-speaking writers working on the assignments
Owned by Edutec Limited
Years in operation 11
Minimal price per page $5.00
Deadline 24 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Hello comrades! Today I am going to roast another bidding writing service Studybay.com. My experience with bidding services was never good because they are usually time-consuming and require you to chat with tens of writers to find someone adequate. 

StudyBay main page

For those of you who are new to custom paper writing services, there are two types of sites: bidding sites and regular sites with customer support. Bidding sites feature:

  • Lower costs
  • More time required for placing an order
  • Less control over the quality of paper
  • Slow or no support

Regular sites are:

  • More expensive
  • Better support
  • Quality check
  • No direct contact with the writer

Both services have their benefits and drawbacks. To my mind, it's way better to entrust your order details to support and have them communicate with the writer.

Nonetheless, this time I want to share a comprehensive Study Bay review that will help you estimate the quality of its services and make corresponding conclusions.

Is Studybay legit? It is a writing platform that offers papers in 6 different languages - English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Arabic. The site has an online calculator, but I cannot say it is too precise as it is a bidding platform, which means the writers set the prices on their own. Besides, it is inevitable to mention that most customers leaving their Study Bay reviews confirm that the final costs of the assignments are considerably more expensive than the estimated ones.

What I did not like about it, is the way they portray competitors: according to the StudyBay "research," their prices are 6.5 times cheaper than those offered by competitors. With all due respect, their research is total bullshit. I admit that StudyBay business model allows them to offer very competitive prices, but it's not a reason to mislead the customers.

Another good thing that should be mentioned in the StudyBay review is that StudyBay offers tons of samples!

Although I cannot say that I was impressed with their site and its functionality, they deserve 4 out of 5 without a doubt.

Customer support

I would say that customer support is the most problematic issue at StudyBay. Basically, there's only one way to contact support - via live chat. I do not consider email as an option, it will take ages to get a reply, and I would not dare to waste my precious time more than required. The chat support is horrible.

The support agent Igor replied to my first message in 2 minutes, which is not that fast but acceptable. Then I started talking to him about their writers. Igor simply did not reply to my question and ignored me for more than 10 minutes! I did not want to wait any longer, so I left the chat. Well, I would give their support team 2 out of 5 for their help.

Pray to God that you don't get into complicated situations when the assistance of the support service is required; otherwise, you will regret using the platform.

My experience

Is Studybay reliable? I am not a big fan of bidding service, so this is my only time using StudyBay just to do a review. I ordered a 6-page paper on Trump's policy regarding migrants and picked a ten days deadline. Once I pressed the Place an Order button, I got overloaded with tens of messages from their writers.

StudyBay writers

Every single time, I repeat how much I value privacy, and this is what I received within the first 10 seconds after placing an order. The writers kept bombing me with their requests, and I felt myself a person surrounded by beggars asking for bread.

I decided to end this hell up quickly, and after a couple of conversations, I picked the writer to work on my assignment. His bid was $50, but in the end, I was charged $61 because of a StudyBay commission.

When I received the paper, I was not sure about my feelings. It looked well-structured and consistent at first, but then, I started noticing typos and mistakes. The paper was obviously written by someone whose English was not the first language and who had no idea about American politics. My writer did simple online research and wrote everything he could within the scope of his abilities. I didn't even ask for the revision. It was easier for me to proofread the paper on my own and fix the mistakes.

Anyway, even that draft version for $61 saved me a lot of time, so I believe it was a good deal. Lifehack: use this service if you are planning on adding your own research. I usually edit the paper on my own to make it more personalized. Profs won't think I am using ghostwriters.

Is Studybay scam? I don't think so. I got a B- for the paper, which was quite a good result for such a price. I would rate the overall experience 3.5 out of 5.

Order form

Studybay order form

I started hating the order form right after opening it. First of all, they ask you for an email and don't let you proceed without it. I really hate to share my personal information before I am 100% confident in a service. I like to play with the order form, check different prices, search for the most suitable option for me,A and only then, I place an order.

However, this time it was not an option, so I had to follow the rules and mention my email to proceed to the next stage. After you succeed with the first step, you are transferred to the one-page order form that is comparatively convenient. Nonetheless, be ready to spend some time answering all those questions and mentioning the details of your project. Keep in mind that the more specific you are, the better quality paper you are likely to get.

StudyBay does not offer any bundles or extras like other sites, and everything you can do is to make an order Premium for $5 to make it more visible to writers.

Once you place an order and pick a writer, you need to proceed with payment. StudyBay offers PayPal/credit cards/Payoneer payment options. Then, you should just entrust your success to the selected writer and wait for the paper to be delivered on time.

Discounts and pricing

Given that the company offers a bidding system, you are unlikely to know the relevant minimum price for any order. However, I experimented with my bids and got an approximately reliable result. My Study Bay review showed that the minimum price is $11 if you are willing to wait a week or more. However, this price is relevant if you do not choose the most popular writer. Typically, experts require $18 or more. But is Studybay legit? Given that these guys are hiding behind the experts who are half responsible instead of them, I have my doubts about this.

Studybay pricing


Is Studybay.com safe? I have a doubt about it. I have not noticed any clear revision policy, but it's written on their site about the 20-day Warranty Period. It means that you have 20 days to send the paper for revision after it is delivered. They don't specify the number of free revisions, but I assume that they don't have a limit on revisions.

Legends say that some people did receive "improved" papers but didn't rush to rejoice. You will have to spend a lot of time burning your nerve cells, and only after a couple of days, you will be answered that your request is being processed. But do not rush to rejoice because you may be refused and not even explained the reason.

Final quality

The final quality was mediocre. The paper was written by someone whose English is not the first language, and who had no idea about American politics. My writer did simple online research and wrote everything he could within his scope of abilities. I didn't even ask for the revision, it was easier for me to revise the paper on my own, and fix the mistakes.

I am extremely disappointed that I found a lot of grammatical errors. The writer used strange arguments when describing the policy chosen by Donald Trump. The expert did not even understand the essence of the "war" on immigrants, which was relevant not so long ago in America. I also didn't find some of the instructions I posted. Is it difficult to read the whole page and then move on to the writing process? As someone accustomed to clearly articulating all my instructions, I am disappointed with this company.

Writer`s proficiency

After I placed an order, I started receiving quotes from different writers. To tell the truth, it was exceptionally difficult to select one, as I read a lot of StudyBay reviews and knew that luck was the only thing that mattered during the process. When I tried to contact the writer asking some questions, I received weird answers that made no sense.

Say goodbye to all the funny Study Bay reviews because I intend to tell you the truth. This company hires amateurs! Writers don't read instructions and refuse to fix things with childish arguments. In other words, I'm not sure you should even pay attention to this company. Furthermore, I'm not even sure you can find ENL writers here.

People talking

I always check what people say about the service, so, I decided to find some Studybay reviews. Given that this company is not new to the academic market, I am very surprised that there are so few Studybay.com reviews on SiteJabber. Have only a small number of people using this website over the years? However, I decided not to lose my time and checked TrustPilot. I was a little confused at this stage as the company profile was banned from this site. Most likely, these guys did something illegal or wanted to illegally increase the number of positive Studybay reviews.

Studybay Sitejabber review

Luckily I found a couple of dozen real comments on small forums. For example, people complain that the writers they hired did a very poor job. Based on my experience, I'm not too surprised. My Studybay.com review is also not positive.

Studybay Trustpilot profile

Loyalty program

The company does not offer discounts or any bonuses. However, you can use the referral program. So is Study Bay legit? I'm unsure about this as the company invites students to invite friends. 

Studybay loyalty program

If, thanks to you, at least one person registers and pays for the papers; you will receive $20. But let's turn this Studybay review in the right direction. How many friends are you willing to invite? How many people are willing to spend money just because you said so? I think that the referral program is useless!


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Is studybay.com a good service? The final paper quality was mediocre, and I decided to edit it by myself. In any case, it's better to fix mistakes and structure instead of writing the whole paper on my own.
Is studybay.com reliable? The provided paper version saved me a lot of time, and my writer didn't miss the set deadline. I think it is a reliable service for students, but I won't use it again.
Is studybay.com safe? They don't offer a clear revision policy, and you can just notice the information about the 20-day Warranty Period. It means you have 20 days to request free revisions, but their number isn't specified.
Is studybay.com a scam? I don't think so. However, I didn't like that my writer's bid was $50, but I was charged $61 because of a StudyBay commission, and there was no mention of it on the website!
Is studybay.com legit? I doubt it because of the unclear revision and refund policy. It seems they hesitate to guarantee money back and want to have loopholes to keep students' money.

Comments (7)

Nicktv99 says:

at 2021-01-27 19:39:00


4.2 out of /5.0

Another great paper! Helpful with all of my needs! I am seriously loving this website for all the help and the work I can't manage to focus on. Thanks again!

haoyinglu says:

at 2021-03-30 10:08:00


2.0 out of /5.0

The writing was poor with little content, and many information was wrong even when it was provided in instructions. Paper can barely rate a D.

bigman40 says:

at 2021-05-23 16:11:00


4.0 out of /5.0

You guys are ridiculously reliable...thanks and I'll recommend your service in the future.

chantamcclendon says:

at 2021-06-13 16:14:00


3.0 out of /5.0

I could not preview my paper. I had to get chat support to send it to me. I'm not sure about this website.

hfrogers9989 says:

at 2021-12-02 19:53:00


4.5 out of /5.0

The paper is a great start. There was still several errors as far as punctuation, misspelling, and incomplete sentences. This was my first time using this service.

nakishadismuke says:

at 2022-02-10 09:29:00


4.2 out of /5.0

This was an excellent job. I had great customer service.

tucsondiane says:

at 2022-03-28 23:18:00


4.5 out of /5.0

Fast work, what I was looking for. Some English issues, but I was expecting to need minor revision to make it sound like me.

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