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PaperHelp Review

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Short overview

PaperHelp Review


  • Easy-to-navigate and intuitive website
  • Cool and easy to install mobile App
  • A generous referral program that allows you to share your discounts with friends and earn money
  • Good quality of the delivered paper


  • Ambiguous online reputation
  • They provide only 3 free revisions
  • Aggressive marketing and expensive extras
Owned by Writingpapersucks
Years in operation 14
Minimal price per page $10.00
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Today I'm going to write Paperhelp review to share my opinion about this service. Being one of the market leaders for over 10 years, PaperHelp is a great example of a service where details matter.

The overall design of the platform is neat and has pleasant colors. PaperHelp.org. has everything you would ever need there - a calculator, samples, and one of the most detailed FAQs I've ever seen on the websites providing academic assistance.

PaperHelp.org main page

It looks like the owners of the site have done a great job. The visual design is perfect. Anyway, I had no trouble finding all the crucial sections and controls. The attention to detail is what motivated me to write this Paperhelp.org review. First, however, let me get to the main part and not focus solely on website usability.

Customer support

Is Paperhelp reliable? Reflecting on my personal experience and various Paperhelp org reviews I've encountered, I can assertively declare that there is no shadow of a doubt concerning its reliability. The multiple avenues offered for contacting their customer support include live chat, Messenger, and email, all catering to your preference. My choice was the immediate gratification of the live chat feature, which is the most suitable way to resolve issues or seek clarification.

Engaging with their support manager, I found the conversation quite interactive, and the responses were prompt and comprehensive. The person on the other end was helpful and displayed a genuine willingness to assist, although there was an emphasis on hastening the order placement.

Something noteworthy from my interaction was how the price for my paper was calculated. The support manager proposed a slightly elevated price owing to the involvement of an advanced writer - a detail I hadn't initially considered. While perusing through Paperhelp org reviews, this is a common practice. Therefore, paying close attention when the final price is being discussed is advisable, as they may inadvertently include extra services. This experience, however, does not detract from the question, "Is Paper Help legit?" Indeed, it remains a valid and legitimate platform for academic assistance.

If you ask me - is Paperhelp scam? No, I don’t think so. Just pay attention to the slightest details when placing an order with them not to get trapped. By the way, I want to answer that my admiration for support agents is no exception. After checking Paperhelp.org reviews, I realized that these guys are good. They can quickly analyze questions and give direct answers. Plus, they don't lose their temper over annoying customers. I was rough with them, but they didn't deviate from company standards. I like this approach because I appreciate professionals.

My experience

I have been placing orders with PaperHelp for over 2 years, mostly during the low season when there are not so many orders. The quality is usually good, the value for such a price is tremendous.

They also have sweet loyalty and referral programs that allow you to bring your friends to PaperHelp and get 10% off every order placed by your referred person.

Speaking about grades, I received my grades within the range of B- and A. Sometimes it was my fault that paper details were not communicated properly, sometimes the writers were not proficient in the topic, and I had to negotiate with their manager to have a substitute.

This time I needed a 5-page biology paper on the Marine Environment with a 4-days deadline. The paper was delivered without any delays. The quality was topflight as usual. I'm 100% sure that Paperhelp is legit company.

I can call this part of my Paperhelp review positive because I got what I wanted. Despite some typos and many unclear sentences, my paper looked good. Moreover, the writers carefully analyzed my chosen topic and did not deviate from the general concept. For me, this strategy is fundamental because I believe that all experts should follow student instructions. In addition, the writers clarified all the controversial details at the beginning of the work path, so I did not have to spend time on revision claims. Many Paperhelp.org reviews contain references to the same behavioral patterns, indicating a team of experts.

Order form

I remember when PaperHelp had a 3-step order form, but now it all changed. They redesign their site once a year to make the customer experience better.

The order form has 4 steps. On the first page, you merely enter the main information about the paper. Files can be uploaded afterward.

On the second one, you are being offered to upgrade your paper. Let's review their bundles in detail.

  • VIP customer service for $14.99. This option can probably work for customers placing important or big orders, but for me paying additional 15 bucks just to have support for their job sounds ridiculous.
  • A plagiarism report goes for $9.99 if your paper is less than 10 pages (double-spaced), and the price will be increasing with every page by $2. So, if you have a 20-page paper, a plagiarism report will cost you $30. 
  • The abstract page will cost you an additional $14.99.
  • Sources used will cost you $4.99 per source. It means that the writer will also upload soft copies of the sources used in addition to the paper. I believe this feature makes sense only if you are not sure of the writer's competence or if the professor asks you for such soft copies. An average research paper usually asks for not less than 10 sources, which is an additional $50 to the final price.
  • The Table of contents will be $9.99. Ripoff.

The third step is making a secure payment using a card or other popular payment methods. The last step is Order in Progress. You can kick back and relax while an expert will be doing his job.

The company has certainly put in significant effort to design an order form that is informative and intuitive enough for newcomers to navigate easily. This thoughtful and forward-thinking approach towards customer convenience eliminates my need to rely heavily on Paper Help reviews or prompt the support agents for extra assistance. The order form covers many important points and apparent options, thus enabling me to make informed decisions without hassle.

This significant emphasis on user comfort shows a level of foresight and attention to detail that is impressive. This business approach aligns perfectly with my expectations as a customer and has made the Paper Help writing experience smooth and enjoyable. It should also be mentioned that utilizing Paperhelp coupons is an added advantage that enhances overall customer satisfaction. I appreciate that my comfort and affordability have been considered and well-addressed in advance. Such a holistic approach to doing business is, indeed, commendable.

Discounts and pricing

The prices for papers are more than adequate. They start with $10 per page and may go up to $197 (yes, you read it right!) for admission help work. In addition, you may get a 5-10% Paperhelp coupon on your first order depending on how actively you beg.

While the Paperhelp discount offerings may not be the most competitive in the marketplace, it's noteworthy that this assertion has been recognized and reiterated in numerous other Paperhelp reviews. Despite this, one admirable aspect of the company is its apparent honesty, not attempting to mislead customers with hollow pledges.

Though a straightforward discount rate of 5% or 10% might seem insignificant to some, I find it palpable and reasonable. This direct discount approach is refreshingly practical compared to the time-consuming tactics of certain loyalty or referral programs that expect customers to go out of their way to find others willing to register via their link.

Such a discount policy reflects the company's understanding of the realities of customer behavior and its focus on the essentials rather than merely resorting to promotional gimmicks. This candidness also extends to their Paperhelp essay services, which focus on delivering quality work at honest prices. Therefore, it's clear that the company's discount policy is adequate and commendably grounded in realism.


The Revision Policy is quite accommodating, providing the provision of up to three free revisions. This allowance is generally sufficient to ensure the final product is high quality. However, it's crucial to be explicit with your initial instructions. There's a possibility your revision request could be declined if there's an unexpected increase in order complexity, such as additional instructions from your professor.

While this segment of my Paperhelp review may seem brief, I find no fault to pick. The company displays an admirable level of confidence and commitment to quality control. They demonstrate fearlessness in facing the challenges of revisions and the potential of offering refunds should the situation necessitate it.

I have observed transparent rules and experienced scenarios where the final product surpassed the original draft's quality. The company's straightforwardness in elucidating my rights as a customer is particularly commendable. Paper Help takes clear steps to ensure you understand your engagement terms with them.

This aspect of their operations contributes to a positive Paperhelp review. Their approach reflects a deep understanding that revisions are necessary for the writing process and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Indeed, it's a testament to their dedication to delivering the best possible result for their customers.

Writer's proficiency

A clear observation in the course of utilizing the services of Paperhelp.org is that a considerable number of their writers are primarily speakers of English as a second language (ESL). Despite this, it's evident that they possess a deep and robust comprehension of their respective subject matters.

While their command of the English language may not be inherently native, the proficiency demonstrated in their writing skills bridges any language gaps. Their strength lies in their subject knowledge and their ability to translate this understanding into quality content. Combining in-depth subject expertise and efficient language application creates an impressive final output, whether an essay, a research paper, or a complex dissertation.

The linguistic diversity within the writing team also adds a unique flair to the content, resulting in a blend of perspectives that enriches the overall value of the writing. Therefore, in the grand scheme of things, the language capabilities of the writers are more than compensated by the high-quality content they produce.

People Talking

The online reputation of PaperHelp is OK. I found a pile of positive Paperhelp reviews there. The rating of the service is 4.5 stars. As you can see, many people will trust this company. This fact is fundamental because any student can find out the truth. If hundreds of people say that the company is good, you have another reason to check this fact. Fortunately, this writing service is worth your attention.

Paperhelp.org Sitejabber review

Loyalty program

Unlike most services offering assistance to students, PaperHelp has a clearly defined loyalty and discount program. It allows you to get bonus credit money with every order you place with them. In addition to their referral program, it can reduce the price of your work even more.

This strategy helps build customer loyalty but also aids in easing the financial burden associated with securing such services. Furthermore, they offer a referral program which serves as an added benefit. It presents an opportunity to further lower the cost of your work by referring others to use their service.

This unique combination of a loyalty and referral program doesn't just provide an immediate financial benefit and ensures a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship between the company and its customers. And this program reinforces PaperHelp's commitment to offering value-added services to its clients.

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Is paperhelp legit? PaperHelp is a legit service that provides strong policies to make students feel safe and comfortable ordering from them. It is possible to get a refund and request free revisions to polish your paper.
Is paperhelp scam? No, it is a good writing service for students who get stuck with their assignments. I like its friendly support team and skilled writers who help submit my papers on time.
Is paperhelp safe? Absolutely! This writing company provides honest revision and refund policies as well as guarantees complete confidentiality. It can be a good academic helper for you.
Is paperhelp reliable? Sure! I've been ordering from them for about 2 years, and their writers never disappoint me. As for grades, I get from B to A for their papers.
Is paperhelp trustworthy? PaperHelp's online reputation is not perfect, and you can notice a low rating on TrustPilot and SiteJabber. But those negative reviews look suspicious, and it seems their competitors use dirty tactics.

WritingPaperSucks is a light for those looking for trusty information on writing agencies. A rich history of detailed research and reviewing has formed the basis of our platform, which stands out for its unrivaled depth of expertise in that particular sphere. Our authors are experienced in crafting academic writing services reviews. They ensure that all data is carefully checked and correct. We provide our readers with reliable and valuable information. Besides, we highlight transparent academic services with reliable results by carefully searching through many factors affecting the test. By using WritingPaperSucks, you will finally pick the right academic company!

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s.connie133 says:

at 2023-12-20 13:55:00


5.0 out of /5.0

I am truly impressed with the level of professionalism this company has and I was very much satisfied with my paper. I will definitely be ordering again.

cookmania_504 says:

at 2023-12-31 17:14:00


5.0 out of /5.0

I am thoroughly Impressed with this paper service site. the speed and accuracy of the site is great!

masoud.environment says:

at 2024-01-11 16:10:00


4.2 out of /5.0

It was good all in all. It gave me an idea and the job was done by someone better than me for sure. I asked for the first or second version but they used the third version. All in all, if you are someone who does not want to put any work into it, this is good. If you are good, it is good as the skeleton of your work (if you have money to spare). You need to make sure that the things they say rhyme with the text since in once case it was not in mine.

vgrobler14 says:

at 2024-01-22 18:16:00


5.0 out of /5.0

wow, wow!!! thank you. this is exactly what i wanted. thank you for the hard work and commitment. this is a 10/10 essay

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