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by Will Martins / Updated October 10, 2023

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The biggest percentage of paper writing companies offer a wide array of extras to be purchased with the paper itself. Should you buy them? It depends on specific extras that may either affect the quality of your paper or your experience of working with the company. I don't really think that extras are crucial for you, but they are worth checking and testing. It's because they may considerably improve the paper that you would get from the company. Let's analyze the most popular efforts offered by the paper writing companies and decide whether you need them or not.

1. Better writer is expensive but worth it

All the paper writing companies have different categories of writers. Of course, some of them are more experienced in their craft and will most probably provide a better paper for you. However, if you want the best writer to work on your paper, you have to pay additionally. This extra is called either "Top Writer" or "Advanced Writer" or something similar.

Be aware that this extra is one of the most expensive that you can order, still, it really increases the probability of you receiving a better paper. This means a better grade for you. However, if you just want a decent paper and care less about the grade, you don't necessarily need this extra.

2. Plagiarism report

In short, I don't really think you need this report. You might only need the plagiarism report only if you want just to feel safe and assured about the originality of the paper. However, all the paper writing companies guarantee that their writers don't plagiarize; therefore, you don't need it. Additionally, plagiarism detection software like TurnItIn or SafeAssign will provide its own report that will make your own report completely worthless.

Of course, if you want to spend extra money to feel safer, you might wanna do it. But I don't really think you need this extra.


3. Progressive delivery

Worth it, totally! We've already written an article about progressive delivery and its advantages if you're willing to order a big dissertation. In short, instead of placing a big order, you place several orders for consequent parts of the paper.

Of course, it is much cheaper than placing one big order; therefore, paper writing companies offer progressive delivery as an extra and charge an additional fee (approximately 10% of the order's price).

It's definitely worth it when you don't have enough money to pay for the full dissertation and you need to complete the paper in consequent parts. Additionally, it allows you to manage the dissertation better and revise it by parts instead of proofreading and correcting the full paper. So, if you've got a big paper to do, consider ordering progressive delivery for sure.

4. SMS notifications

Not all the companies offer this extra and there's a reason for that. In short, not all clients in the world really need these notifications. Especially they don't want to pay for them. In particular, these notifications will inform you about the progress of the order, new messages from the support team or the writer, the order's delivery etc.

However, all these notifications are already being sent to your email for free. Therefore, you don't need them. Unless you want to spend more money on redundant notifications that will duplicate your emails.

5. VIP service

That's also one of the less popular extras offered by the paper writing companies. In short, what does this service do? It provides you with a personalized support agent that will specifically monitor and manage your order. In some cases, this service also includes SMS notifications (which are really redundant, as we've figured out).

Do you need this? I don't think so. Having a personalized support agent or group of support agents that will monitor your order does not really contribute to the final quality of the paper.

Additionally, it also does not mean that you will receive better assistance from the Support (because why paying extra in order to have adequate support, right?). However, if you do wanna feel special about ordering a paper online, you can order this VIP service and feel like VIP (though you don't need to).


6. Summary

All in all, ordering extras with your paper is not crucial (that's why they're being called extras, right?). However, paying for a better writer really helps you get a better grade (if you desperately need to) and progressive delivery saves your time, money and nerves spent on your big order. These two extras are really helpful for you and I suggest ordering them if you've got the right budget.

As for the rest of the extras, they are redundant in majority of cases. Of course, just like I've said, you can order them if you want to spend something extra. If not, you won't lose anything.

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