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MyPerfectPaper.net review


  • Promotional campaign


  • Plagiarism
  • Non-credible sources
  • No price calculator
Owned by Skyscrapers LLC
Years in operation 6
Minimal price per page $15.00
Deadline 12 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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MyPerfectPaper is another writing company that guarantees plenty of benefits to its customers. At this platform, you can get academic help with your paper on different subjects.

As they say, success and satisfaction rates are 95%, and more than two thousand students are pleased with the assistance provided by their writers.

But can you trust them, and are those numbers real? Is MyPerfectPaper scam or trustworthy service? Read the MyPerfectPaper.net review to know my experience of using this service.

Myperfectpaper main page

Customer support

My experience with myperfectpaper.net's customer support was mixed. While their support agents quickly responded to my queries, their answers were not always helpful. I had to ask multiple follow-up questions on several occasions to get the information I needed. Their support agents seemed to lack the knowledge or the willingness to provide detailed answers, which left me frustrated and uncertain about the service.

Overall, while myperfectpaper.net's customer support was quick to respond, their answers were not always helpful. Their lack of motivation to help students with refunds also left me disappointed and frustrated. As a customer, I expect prompt and helpful customer support, and unfortunately, my experience with myperfectpaper.net fell short in this regard. So, is My Perfect Paper legit? Now you will know the answer!

My experience

In this MyPerfectPaper.net review, I am going to share my disappointing experience of using this writing service. I ordered a 2-page argumentative essay on history from myperfectpaper.net. I chose the topic of the impact of World War II on the global economy, which I thought was interesting and relevant. However, the writer failed to fully address the nuances of the topic, which was disappointing. Firstly, the writer did not provide a clear thesis statement, making it difficult to understand the essay's purpose. Additionally, the arguments presented were not well-supported with evidence, and the writer did not provide any analysis or critical thinking.

Furthermore, the writer did not address the nuances of the topic in depth, which made the essay feel superficial and lacking in depth. The writer did not provide any insight into the complex economic effects of World War II and instead presented a simplistic and surface-level analysis. Overall, I was disappointed with the quality of the essay, as it did not meet my expectations or adequately address the nuances of the topic. That is why I advise you not to believe the positive My Perfect Paper reviews! Analyze as many sources as possible before making any decision.

Order form

The order form provided by myperfectpaper.net was quite convenient and easy to use. It was simple to navigate and had all the necessary fields for placing an order. However, while the order form was convenient, I would have liked more extra options. The form provided basic options such as the type of assignment, academic level, and deadline. As you can see, you don't have to go through hundreds of Myperfectpaper reviews to learn more about the order form. However, the form lacked detailed options, such as specific citation styles or formatting requirements.

Myperfectpaper order form

Discounts and pricing

The MyPerfectPaper pricing option is awful. There is no way to calculate a price, only if you place an order. You can find a price table on their website, but if you want to know the cost of your order, then take a calculator and count it on your own.

The prices at this company depend on an academic level, deadline, and the number of pages. When I was placing an order, they had a 50% discount on writing service, and prices were average from $11 to $50.

But their usual pricing policy is very high and ranges between $30 and $100 per page!

Myperfectpaper pricing

This is not a writing company that a student can afford in difficult times. Especially given the fact that there are no discounts.

I also had tried to find MyPerfectPaper discount code, but later I discovered that there was not even the possibility to provide a promo code in the order form.


At MyPerfectPaper, you can request an unlimited number of free revisions that have to be based on the initial guidelines of a paper. As for the revision period, they provide only 14 days after the order completion for all types of paper.

Pay attention that your paper changes are not allowed. Otherwise, you will not get a free revision.

Final quality

Are you still wondering, "Is MyPerfectPaper reliable?" Absolutely not, and 40% of paper uniqueness confirms this. Given the many Myperfectpaper.net reviews I've read and my personal experience, I'm disappointed. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the final quality of the work provided by myperfectpaper.net. The final product did not meet my expectations despite providing detailed instructions and paying for the service. The writing was lacking in depth and analysis, and the writer did not follow the instructions I had provided. Overall, the final quality of the work was below my expectations, and I did not feel it was worth the money I had spent on the service.

Writer's proficiency

I don't even know what to say about this writer who delivered the plagiarized paper!A

People talking

Having visited this company, the first question that arose in my mind was, "Is MyPerfectPaper legit?" So I turned to Trustpilot and SiteJabber to read MyPerfectPaper reviews and find it out.

Myperfectpaper reviews

As for the last one, the rating is satisfactory, but on Trustpilot, it is 3 of 5. I also tried to find MyPerfectPaper Reddit reviews, but this platform stayed silent about the company.

Loyalty program

MyPerfectPaper does not have special bonuses or offers for returning customers. But when I was placing an order, they had a promotional campaign where I could get 2 pages done for the price of 1. The other benefit was the free two pages of a paper.

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Is myperfectwords legit? They do their best to convince students that it is a legit service. However, I tested it and found more disadvantages than benefits of ordering there, so I advise you to steer clear.
Is myperfectwords scam? No, but it was a waste of money. I paid $190 for my paper, but its quality was disappointing! It seems all their promises of professional help are complete lies.
Is myperfectwords reliable? I gave them five days to compose a good research paper for me, but it didn't happen. I got a paper with bad formatting and lack of terminology!
Is myperfectwords safe? Yes, and they offer 14 days for requesting free revisions. I decided to use this option, but it didn't make my paper quality better, and it was still far from the perfect one.
Is myperfectwords trustworthy? Myperfectwords reviews are quite controversial, and it's difficult to find out which ones are true. In any case, you know my experience and what to expect from their writers.

Comments (14)

dianelourenso says:

at 2021-01-18 17:42:00


2.7 out of /5.0

It is obvious that the writer is not fluent in English and has no business being called a Top writer. I would not recommend this service to anyone. Absolutely terrible and their business is a farce. Not nice. Very unprofessinal of them to not deliver what they claim to be their best service.

amani.elhendi says:

at 2021-03-17 17:43:00


2.5 out of /5.0

it was a very stressful experience, and the overall product is hardly satisfactory compared to all the premiums I had to pay for. No apologies or refunds were offered. Would not work with this website again. They will tell you they can do your assignment only to get your money and try to up-sell. It was slow and painful having to communicate through a third person. he was practically traumatized at the idea of "Problem with client". I feel the writers are abused on this website and they're all outsourced from from South Asia. Not at all, the writers seem to be pressured to take on jobs they cannot do. I specifically asked for a writer who's familiar with my line of work and I was immediately directed to pay for the "Top Writer" I provided every material to use and all that was left was to edit. 3 hours past the deadline, and I still have to edit and fix the paper.

roseric_2000 says:

at 2021-06-14 10:39:00


2.4 out of /5.0

I subscribed to a "top writer" service and paid an extra 45% on the total fees. I was expecting a quality writing but I have been deeply disappointed on the writing. The writer has no knowledge of the topic but still agreed to work on it which is by the way, very unprofessional and dishonest. I have asked for sound revision on numerous occasions but all Myperfectpaper did is change a couple of words and returned the document each time. Please, do not subscribe to this service, it is a writing scam service. This is an automatic support system, I believe none of the writer truly cares about the quality of my paper; all they care about is the money. As a result, the support quality has not been helpful at all. I deeply regret to have subscribed to this service. I wasted my time for a very bad result and I know, it will not get any better as Myperfectpaper keeps returning the same document with minor grammatical changes and no real proofreading. I am so disappointed.

sialsubaey says:

at 2021-12-22 17:24:00


1.3 out of /5.0

this is my last order even though i have 80 orders, it was suposed to be due on friday, but friday early afternoon i said i want a diffrent writer and for two days nothing has been done other than agents asking for extension, i gave him an extension yesterday night for 12 hours and before the deadline by an hour he said there are no writers but he found one and that i should extened it 36hours ? so the work in total is 4 days for 10 questions only which are 2 pages? i have wasted my money and time.

leazia96 says:

at 2022-02-15 21:10:00


0.5 out of /5.0

$46 wasted

caleb says:

at 2022-03-30 22:13:00


2.8 out of /5.0

I feel like the paper was just a copy from SparkNotes with the phrasing slightly changed. I have not submitted the paper, but I'll edit it before I submit it so that it's less-recognizable.

almonorr says:

at 2023-05-11 22:49:00


0.8 out of /5.0

Very unprofessional ,delivered my paper dayd after the deadline. Unable to keep up with their words,liars,scammers...

tenrosesformylove says:

at 2023-05-14 22:50:00


3.5 out of /5.0

The writing is a tad sophomoric and with revisions, it took longer than the time range I wanted it in, which was not clear when I paid for a certain amount of hours that I wanted it in, so it feels a little like being gypped. I would have liked to do another revision, but I do not have the time, as the paper is due to soon. I also set a revision time limit and it was changed by support, so that feature should probably have a limit set to it, if it has to exceed a certain amount of time

carlen0785 says:

at 2023-06-27 10:32:00


3.7 out of /5.0

At the end they did every attempted to make the essay correctly. Costumer service worked with the author so that my requests were met. I like that they don't just leave you in the dark if something happens, they really followed thru with me and I appreciate that . I feel that the biggest problem for me was that when I revised my essay and tryed to follow the sources based on the in text citation, they where not accurate. They offered to fix it but it's been very frustrating and has caused a lot of nervousness. For me this was a big deal because I like things to make sense. Other than that all my instructions were followed, and I had many instructions and revisions that had to be done. The costumer service is amazing at making sure your writer gets all the corrections and messages and they are very acomodating and helpful. The paper was ok at the end . I started with a standard writer and although he did a good job, I upgraded to a pro writer because I wanted something a little better.

15133496055 says:

at 2023-06-30 02:18:00


1.7 out of /5.0

the paper quality is terrible

veeisfree says:

at 2023-07-16 18:04:00


3.2 out of /5.0

never received my plagiarism report nor got progressive deliver like i ordered

jennyg1997 says:

at 2023-07-02 01:45:00


3.3 out of /5.0

I feel like there should be more caution for searching for TOP writers especially paying at this price. Sometimes the writer don't really follow the instructions, but instead just do whatever they think is right. I have followed up with materials and everything else, but it seems like the writer ignores the materials and I had to send in multiple revisions. The writer would only correct to about 30% of what I asked for which is a shame. I would have rated higher, but this time it wasn't as pleasant as I thought it would be.

sinthujahp says:

at 2023-07-11 12:05:00


3.0 out of /5.0

Again same problems. The writer didn't consider what I have written in the revision comments. S/he has written the sentence and words which I did not use in the audio recording. I clearly explained the name of the two attached files. The writer only correct the one sentance that where the story starts. It seems the writer did not listen the recording fully and did not review the instruction paper clearly. Really, I have wasted too much time for this order.

jvbest30 says:

at 2023-07-24 17:22:00


3.5 out of /5.0

Paper was not cited only referenced.

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Leave your comment here

2.5 out of 5.0