How to deal with a strict teacher: 8 simple tricks to survive a teacher from hell

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by Will Martins / Updated February 13, 2024

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The amount of anxiety students face while pursuing their degree is enormous. Hence, guidance becomes a vital aspect that contributes greatly to the learning process. That’s why the role of teachers is so important. Unfortunately, it may sometimes be not that easy to establish good rapport and build productive partnerships with your superiors.

Sweaty palms, your heart jumping out of your chest – these are the unpleasant feelings every student experiences at least once when they are trapped in the classroom, having to deal with a difficult teacher.

So what should you do when you and your professor don’t seem to see eye to eye?

Here are 8 ways to deal with a strict teacher we want to offer:

1. Exercise your empathy

Teaching is hard. If you don’t know where to find the strength and learn how to respect a strict teacher, try to look at them and imagine their backstory. They are people, just like you. They used to be students once, too. They have fears, insecurities, and things to worry about daily and may be burdened with unfulfilled dreams and past traumas, just like anyone else. Their work is full of stress, and yet they choose to pass their knowledge to others despite all the shortcomings. As demanding as they are, their motivation is noble, and they are doing their best to teach you something they are passionate about. When you deal with a difficult teacher, seeing something human in this person helps alleviate the frustration, avoid conflicts, and treat each other with respect.

2. Find a way to communicate properly

We, humans, all come from very different backgrounds and possess our own set of quirks others can find annoying; hence, no matter how nice and understanding we are, communication problems emerge from time to time. Communication is a key, and every lock requires the right one to open the door to a person’s heart.

Observe your teacher and the way they interact with other students. Are you the only one who doesn’t feel their teaching methods work for you? Do other students have the same problem with them? If not, then chances are, you just need to analyze the situation and come up with your own strategies for dealing with a strict teacher or choose the teacher’s pet and become their mirror. With time, chances are you’ll be able to adjust and figure out how to learn from a strict teacher.

3. Be vocal about it

You don’t have to deal with a strict teacher on your own. Just like bullying from peers, bullying from teachers has a devastating effect on students’ mental health and can lead to severe self-esteem problems, not to mention the stress students suffer, which is completely unacceptable since there’s no way you can get a proper education in such a hostile environment. Staying silent about your teacher’s behavior will only make things worse.

4. Stand up for yourself

A profound dispute is sometimes the only way to learn how to cooperate with strict teachers. If you feel your academic efforts are underappreciated or the marks you get are unfair, demand an explanation. In this case, you’ll either learn more about the teacher’s requirements to stick to them in the future and get better marks, or you’ll get proof that the teacher’s attitude toward you is biased. However, while trying to prove your point, don’t forget to stay respectful.

5. Get proof your teacher is biased

Do you need some solid proof to come up with a plan for how to handle a strict teacher who goes too hard on you for no reason at all? Easy. To deal with hard teachers, sometimes one has to play dirty.

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6. Team up with your fellow students

One does not simply walk into Mordor. Just like Frodo needed his friends to destroy the Ruling Ring, for a successful coup, you also need faithful allies. It’s unlikely that you are the only one who sees something is wrong and has things to complain about. Discuss this issue with your peers to test the waters and find potential accomplices who will be willing to join you and resolve the problem together. This way, you can collaborate to come up with numerous effective ways to deal with negative teachers and strike as one fierce army united by common goals.

You can even devise a plan to check how unbiased your teacher is by passing an essay written by the same author from any reliable platform. We suggest reading some reviews on essay writing services, which you can explore around here and choose the author you like the most. When you see your grades, you can compare them, and if essays written by the same professional are graded differently enough to look suspicious, use them as a foundation for a complaint.

7. Seek help from administration

It’s one thing when you are rightfully accused of misconduct or get detention due to a complete breakdown of discipline, but if you feel that your teacher is crossing the line and mistreats you or punishes you out of sheer personal spite, you shouldn’t remain silent about it. Compliance with the rules is a must for both teachers and students.

If you feel that all your efforts to find ways to communicate with a strict teacher are in vain and that they just have a prejudice against you or discriminate against you in any way, be sure to notify the administration about such unprofessional behavior.

To back your words up, provide the proof you have, for example, your classmates’ testimonies or the fact that your teacher gives bad marks even for essays written by professionals from the best essay writing services like speedypaper, which we can recommend as one of the most trustworthy and reliable.

8. Get your family involved

All people get to deal with hard teachers, so be sure you are not the only person who suffered something like this. It’s very likely that your seniors encountered the same issue while studying and also had to seek ways to adjust or rebel in a respectful way. Asking your parents for advice may help you find the best approach to solve this problem without breaking any rules and getting in trouble. They can also serve as a good support system when it comes to contacting your school about a sensitive issue like this. Trust me, no management wants to deal with angry and protective parents, so they’ll be happy to cooperate.

Don’t let anyone disrespect you, no matter their rank

A position of authority makes some people lose touch with reality and forget they also used to be students once, and their attitude toward students must be adequate. No student should waste their energy on coping with a strict teacher. Your only job is to study to master the profession, not to think about how to follow rules with a strict teacher who seems to enjoy the feeling of control over others too much and starts abusing their power.


Maintaining a positive attitude towards a strict teacher involves focusing on the opportunity to learn and grow, rather than dwelling on the challenges. Approach each interaction with respect and openness to feedback.

Effective stress management strategies include practicing deep breathing exercises, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, seeking support from friends or family, and engaging in relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga.

If you feel unfairly treated by a strict teacher, consider documenting specific incidents or behaviors that concern you and discussing them with a trusted mentor, counselor, or school administrator. It's important to address concerns constructively and seek resolution through appropriate channels.

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