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by Will Martins / Updated October 10, 2023

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Let me assure you that the paper writing industry is one of the fastest developing industries existing among other online services, especially taking into consideration its popularity among the users. Maybe you've been wondering how does this industry work and what is the process of providing the custom paper writing service actually is. As usual, I've done some research and I'm more than ready to share some thoughts and insights about this area of business.

The companies

Here, due to the fact that the paper writing companies are registered online, the paper writing company = it's the website. It contains all the info about the writing process, their prices, their terms of use and policies, etc. Therefore, it's the service that is provided online (nobody will send you a physical copy of the paper or send you a person to write the paper instead of you). Yeah, I know that it's a rather obvious statement, but we need to make this thing clear in order to be prepared for all the potential advantages and disadvantages of this service.

Basically, all the paper writing companies work under the same principle: they attract potential buyers with their advertisements, gather the clients' orders and money, transfer the orders to their writers and pay them once the order is completed. In other words, neither the company itself nor its support team writes the papers for you. This is being done by the writers that are being hired and managed separately.

The writers

In the majority of cases, your paper is going to be written by one of the freelance ghostwriters hired by the paper writing company. The paper writing companies have got a separate website, which attracts various freelance writers from all over the world. Another thing is that the writers are being paid much less than you might have initially paid to the company. For example, you might have paid $20 per page, while your writer gets only $5 per page. In other words, the freelance writers are being gathered from all possible places and they are being paid incomparably less than you would expect them to.

What does it mean? It means that you will most probably get your paper written by an ESL writer from India, Kenya, Pakistan, or Russia. It's because the ENL writers won't tolerate these low salaries. It does not mean that ESL writers are bad, but you've gotta be prepared for this. Especially, when companies try to assure you that they've got ENL writers to work on your project, there may be like 1-2 native speakers among 1,000 ESL writers. Good companies do not generally keep this a secret and admit that they've got such writers; on the contrary, there's an array of suspicious companies that would lie about their ENL writers, who will complete your paper at the cheapest price possible.

The support team

The third crucial component of each and every paper writing company is the support team. Basically, it will be the intermediary in communication and interactions between the client and the writer. In other words, the support team of paper writing companies acts on its behalf. Always. For you as a client, the Support Team = the Company. The same goes for the writer.

The support team accepts your calls, processes your payments (using the related payment processor, of course), assigns the writer for your order, controls the order in progress, delivers the messages between you and the writer, delivers the final paper, sends the papers for revision and accepts suggestions and complains. Almost every operation is performed by them. But don't get things confused, they are not gods of the paper writing companies. They're only processing the most routine operations that occur between the client and the writer.

The company's support team is also being outsourced in the majority of cases. You will understand that once you start communicating with them because you will either hear a heavy accent when they try to speak English or you'll see certain grammar and spelling mistakes once you come to their chats. Still, it also does not mean that an outsourced support team is bad. It is up to each and every company to hire and train friendly and helpful support team agents who will provide adequate assistance.


All in all, the custom paper writing companies are online businesses that may have been registered anywhere in the world, while outsourcing the support team and the writers. And in the majority of cases, this is true. So, exercise caution while choosing a paper writing service or refer to our reviews, where we rate the paper writing companies and suggest the best of them.

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