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Homeworkdoer Review

2.6 out of 5.0

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Homeworkdoer Review


  • 10% discount on all orders
  • Fast customer support
  • Service is attentive to deadlines


  • Not so many HomeWorkDoer reviews on the Internet
  • Unclear pricing policy
  • High prices
  • Mediocre quality of writing
Owned by Ador Doers LTD
Years in operation 4
Minimal price per page $10.00
Deadline 1 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Homeworkdoer, owned by Ador Doers LTD, has operated for four years. This writing service, targeting a specific market niche, offers academic help from qualified tutors. The brand is a source for various academic papers, including research papers, dissertations, essays, and term papers. Homework Doer's goal seems to be providing quick, competent writing assistance.

My Experience

My interaction with Homework Doer began with their user-friendly website. Although I preferred more vibrant colors, the site was clear and easy to navigate. The process of placing an order was straightforward, with an easily accessible 'Order Now' button. However, my overall experience was not entirely positive. As a first-time user, the promises of rapid and high-quality delivery made by Homeworkdoer were intriguing, but they also raised some doubts. This mixed impression was partly influenced by the suspicious Homeworkdoer.org Reddit comments and reviews I encountered​​.

Homeworkdoer.org: Paper Quality

I ordered a 3-page essay on Ecology from Homeworkdoer.org, with a focus on the impact of global warming on various species. The paper was delivered on time, but it was lackluster. It lacked scientific evidence, interesting facts, or statistics that could engage the reader, making it dull. Though free from grammatical errors, the quality was passable, suitable only for achieving a minimum grade. This experience, reflected in other Homeworkdoer.org reviews, was underwhelming, especially given the expectations set by the company's marketing​​.


Homeworkdoer.org offers services starting at a minimal price of $10.00 per page, which is reasonably affordable compared to other academic writing services. They also accommodate urgent requests with a minimum deadline of just one hour.

Homeworkdoer.org: Discounts

Homework Doer reviews often highlight their discount policy. New customers are eligible for up to a 10% discount on their first order. While this seems like a good deal, it's crucial to assess whether the discount genuinely offsets the total cost of the paper, especially in light of the service quality. In my review, the question "Is Homeworkdoer.org legit?" remains a concern​​.

Ordering Process

The process of placing an order is straightforward and can be completed in just a few minutes. Here is a list of the steps involved in placing an order on HomeworkDoer.org:

  • Fill out the order form with details such as the type of paper, academic level, and deadline.
  • Provide any additional instructions or requirements for the paper.
  • Proceed to the payment page and make a payment for the order.
  • Wait for the writer to complete and download the paper from the website.

As you can see, the procedure is quite simple. To understand the process, you don't need to read dozens of other Homeworkdoer.org reviews.

Homeworkdoer.org: People Talking

I don't like to risk my time and money; that is why I always look for reviews about the service before using it. I decided to find some HomeWork Doer reviews on the Internet. The first website was Sitejabber. Many people are dissatisfied with the quality of services.

I also checked Trustpilot to read at least one feedback from learners. I only found a couple of reviews and most were negative. A bit strange, right?

Guarantees and Customer Support

Homeworkdoer reviews often question the guarantees and customer support this homework service provides. The company promises an A or B grade for assignments, but only a partial refund is offered if you receive a lower grade. Notably, Accounting Homework Doer does not provide chargebacks; instead, refunds are credited to your virtual balance on their website, raising concerns about the legitimacy of their operations. Customer support is inefficient.

Homeworkdoer.org: Loyalty Program

My Homework Doer offers a loyalty program. It provides 5% off on orders exceeding $500 and 10% off on orders over $1,000. Once a customer spends $2,500, they are eligible for a lifetime discount of 10%. These discounts, especially the lifetime discount, appear to be a strategy to encourage continued use of their services despite their high rates.

Final Verdict

As you can see, Homeworkdoers, including the Math Homework Doer section, presents a mixed picture. The quality of papers, questionable refund policy, and inefficient customer support contribute to a less than satisfactory service. This Homeworkdoer review suggests it may not be the best choice for sustained academic support.


Is Homeworkdoer.org a scam? While not outrightly a scam, the service has several shortcomings, including questionable refund policies and inconsistent quality of work.
Is Homeworkdoer.org legit? The legitimacy of Homeworkdoer.org is under scrutiny, especially considering its refund policy and customer support issues.
Is Homeworkdoer.org safe? Safety is a concern, particularly about the effectiveness of their customer support and the transparency of their services.
Is Homeworkdoer.org trustworthy? Trustworthiness is questionable due to mixed reviews and experiences reported by users.

Comments (11)

dandrea.pratt says:

at 2021-02-13 16:24:00


2.4 out of /5.0

Poorly written and missing 3 different references as requested.

tyshhop3 says:

at 2021-04-19 20:25:00


2.6 out of /5.0

Got an F on paper !

al_3ameed_7 says:

at 2021-05-08 18:31:00


2.7 out of /5.0

hohestly the writers are " not qualified " in my opinion .... in my project most of the answers of the case study was wrong !! and the teacher gave me C mark !!

hach0405 says:

at 2021-06-14 22:09:00


2.7 out of /5.0

The writing had many flaws, many grammatical errors and the whole paper lacked coherence. The writer should read the work before turning it in. AGENTS ARE HELPFUL, BUT WOULD HAVE LOVED IF SOMEONE COULD CHECK THE WRITER'S WORK NOT VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS PAPER

molinajl92 says:

at 2021-12-22 14:59:00


2.2 out of /5.0

I feel its un fair that the writer didn't complete one of my section correctly and didn't complete the assignment as instructed now i have to order a revise one.

bonettishanab says:

at 2022-01-27 12:44:00


2.0 out of /5.0

i still find the writers are not writing at a level of a grade 12 academic. They have been very wordy and use words grade 12ers wouldnt use. i rewrote as much as i could.

j3blogan22 says:

at 2022-03-20 08:49:00


1.5 out of /5.0

No matter how many times you send it back there is something else.


at 2023-10-07 16:10:00


2.2 out of /5.0

I was told to approve first by a support agent to view final copy. There was some problems with the body of the typed format being in bold and regular print.

sherilynnith86 says:

at 2023-10-14 22:31:00


1.7 out of /5.0

I have left multiple comments for the writer to correct.. that after the 3rd revision still not done, basic APA is not done well either. I have paid for a PRO Writer and it makes no difference from a basic writer in my experiences with this company. I am unsatisfied with my paper quality.

Hamin.na says:

at 2023-10-24 16:24:00


1.2 out of /5.0

There were many grammar mistakes, sentences repeated, and the work cite was wrong too I got 74

john.annable99 says:

at 2023-11-02 17:51:00


1.0 out of /5.0

disappointed beyond comprehension, I expected a college level paper, but received a high school level paper at best.

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2.5 out of 5.0