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GrabMyEssay Review

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GrabMyEssay Review


  • Clear loyalty program


  • Lying about writer's proficiency
  • Poor quality of provided works
  • High prices
  • Bad customer support
Owned by NetFix LLC
Years in operation 8
Minimal price per page $15.00
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Wasa-wasa-wasuupp, Comrades! Today I am grilling another "super-duper-extra-proficienta" writing service GrabMyEssay. The reason why I am so negative about it is a "great" combination of high prices, lies they tell you, the website from the 20th century and mediocre quality.

The landing page looks outdated. It seems that GrabMyEssay programmers just learned some HTML and Javascript and decided to put their skills to practice. On the good side, the site has everything a customer might need to learn about their service - FAQ, Samples, Prices, and a Calculator. Quick research told me that things are getting worse for GrabMyEssay.

Their traffic dropped from 200k monthly visitors to 47k, which is quite indicative of how people react to their service. It's also worth mentioning that their domain was registered in 2014. Don't hesitate to ask support in the chat about how long they are on the market and you will be puzzled by their reply. To summarize, the site gets 2.5 out of 5 for usability and design.

Grabmyessay: Client Assistance

Customer support is a big disaster. LiveChat requires you to enter a full set of information before you can even start a chat. I hate sharing my personal info, and GrabMyEssay wants me to put it on their table before granting me an honor to interact with their support.

First, I was connected to a different department, and support in chat could not adequately reply to my simple questions. Then I was transferred to support Andrew, and this is when the real fun began. According to Andrew, GrabMyEssay has a support office located in NYC (quite expensive decision, huh?) and they are on the market for over six years.( Judging by their support, Ana's English, GrabMyEssay even covers their cockney courses. She made at least two mistakes in 1 sentence and then transferred me to Andrew). I also asked Andrew about their plagiarism report feature, which GrabMyEssay claims to be equal to Turnitin.

My main concern was that Turnitin has a massive database of student papers gathered across the US, UK, and some other countries. Andrew told me that GrabMyEssay has a database of around 200k works.

As for the domain registration date, he said that they have registered their site on a new secure platform. It clearly means he has no clue what domain is and he was providing me the misleading information.

  • Their support is located in NYC, while they are not native speakers (just call their phone number - you will be answered by a person who is not an ENL for sure).
  • Their plagiarism report is not worse than Turnitin (it's 100 times worse because Turnitin has billions of papers in their database, whereas GrabMyEssay resells you some shitty plag report that parses your text for online plagiarism only).
  • A Is Grabmyessay legit? They say their service is on the market for over six years (but their domain is registered in 2014 lol).

My Paper Experience

I was hesitant to use their service to order a paper for my class after the conversation in chat. Anyways, to make this Grabmyessay review happen, I paid $34 for a 2-page paper on a random topic, Sophomore level, 14-day deadline.

To say I was shocked means nothing. It seems that GrabMyEssay spends all its money on the NYC support because the writers they hire are clearly some low-paid students from third world countries.

The grammar was horrible, and the content was stolen from the Internet without proper paraphrase and citations. I ended up writing my own paper.

This is the first time I am contacting my bank to reverse payment. Not paying for this crap. I may assume that I was not lucky this time, and it was the problem with the particular writer, but my overall experience was quite bad. 1.5 out of 5, quite generous!

Grab My Essay Review: Submission Interface

The order form is quite simple and intuitive. GrabMyEssay offers a wide range of extras to enhance the quality of the paper. Their prices are quite high, and extras may make your order even more expensive. Let's review them quickly:

  • TOP 10 will be the additional 40% (!!!). Maybe, it's good, but I believe that's a quite pathetic offer because they don't even specify who these people are and how good they are. Basically, paying almost a half more for the Pandora's box is not my style.
  • The premium writer will cost you 25% more. Same here. Not worth it.
  • Plagiarism report for $29.99? Looooool. Most services charge like 10 bucks for similar reports and don't say they are as good as Turnitin. Stay away from their report!
  • Editor's check for $5.99. It could be a good option if their writer's work was at least understandable. No editor's check could have saved the paper I ordered.
  • 1-page summary for $14.99. Useless and overpriced.
  • Urgent writer selection for $15.99 is the biggest joke ever! WTF, guys? You charge $15.99 for doing your job? What happens if I don't order this feature? Will you assign the writer 2 hours before the deadline? Your Money-Back Guarantee offers a full refund if you are late, so you should be interested in finding the writer ASAP.
  • Draft delivery a.k.a. Progressive delivery will cost you 20%. Most services ask for 10% only. Kinda greedy of you, GradMyEssay!

Advanced support for $5.99 and Premium support for $9.99 are not even worth mentioning here. Support sucks by default and no money can buy it. Also, how $10 can make a big difference in the quality of support who earn $60-70k yearly? Too many inconsistencies in your story, guys!

Savings and Cost Structure

GrabMyEssay offers quite high prices. High School level starts from $14.99 per page. Then they have this ridiculous differentiation between freshman/sophomore/junior/senior quality. I honestly, cannot imagine how they do it.

If you are a freshman, it doesn't mean that your quality of work will drastically change during your Sophomore year. I believe they added such pricing categories just to charge scared customers more.

As for discounts, GrabMyEssay obviously raised their prices to give customers big discounts. It's a common marketing trick that makes people less reluctant to pay more money. GME gives 15% off to the first-time customers but starting from the second order, you will be getting 5% off.

After 50 pages you are entitled to a 10% lifetime Grabmyessay discount code. After 100 pages with them, you will be getting 15% off. It's really good that GrabMyEssay offers 3-hour deadlines, but the pricing for urgent orders is extremely high and may easily reach $55-60 per page. If you add TOP 10 or some other bundles, it may go up to $100 per page! Totally, not worth it, taking into account the doubtful value they deliver.

Grabmyessay Review: Amendments

The page with the revision policy was not even working. :facepalm:

Author's Competence

As I said before, the final quality was horrible. Maybe it's my fault that I did not pick the TOP 10 writer, but GrabMyEssay is not quite honest with you about the origin of their writers.

What I received was not even close to what native speakers would write. The paper contained multiple typos, grammar mistakes, and content fallacies.

As I said, this was my first time when I had to reverse the payment, because they refused to refund me more than 50%. Advice to potential buyers: check the MBG carefully! Their policies won't play to your advantage in problematic cases. Even if they are late with your paper, they may interpret the policy to their advantage and deny refunds (see below!)

GrabMyEssay claims that a native speaker writer with a degree in your field of studies will be working on your assignment. In practice, they hire some ESL writers without degrees or any understanding of what constitutes proper research.

Web Reputation

Grab My Essay reviews are quite contradicting on the net. On TrustPilot the service has 25% of negative feedback, on SiteJabber they have around 40% negative reviews.

IHateWritingEssays contain a lot of negative Grabmyessay reviews and rate them 1.5 out of 5. I also checked one more platform I trust. I hoped to find Grabmyessay review Reddit there.

I failed to do it. There was just the only one archived Grabmyessay Reddit post asking if the writing platform was a Bullshit. I could read just some comments there. My advice would be to do your own online research prior to ordering from these guys!

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What do grabmyessay.com testimonials say? Having visited Trustpilot and SiteJabber, I found quite contradictional GrabMyEssay reviews. I also turned to Reddit and found only a few comments with recommendations to do online research before ordering from these guys!
What is grabmyessay.com rating? Given the suspicious ratio of positive and negative reviews and writing style, I wouldn't trust those ratings. I tested this service on my own and now can provide an objective estimate - 1.9 stars.
Is grabmyessay.com safe? I don't know whether it was a technical problem, or they tried to lie again, but the revision policy page didn't work. I visited it several times on different days, but it was unsuccessful.
Is grabmyessay.com scam? They promise expert help from native speaker writers, but, in reality, you will get a paper with mistakes and poor research. Nevertheless, I wouldn't call it a scam, but recommend choosing another service.
Is grabmyessay.com legit? They like to lie a lot. For instance, they claim that their service is on the market for over six years, but the domain was registered in 2014.

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Comments (3)

jake.bishop44 says:

at 2021-02-01 18:22:00


2.3 out of /5.0

The paper I have received is terrible. The grammar is so awful that I can't follow anything the author wrote. I certainly can't turn in the paper, as it is written in broken English. When I sent the paper back for revision, I asked that it be proof-read and the grammatical errors be corrected. When I got the paper back only one sentence had been changed. The research portion of the paper seemed fine, but I expected my paper to be in English. I had high hope for this service, but now I cannot believe I paid for this, and want a refund.

rickirick21 says:

at 2021-05-16 22:06:00


1.5 out of /5.0

The skeleton of the paper worked and sounded professional but when actually reading it, the content makes no sense and is repetitive. I did not need resources but the terms used did not make any sense. Things that were written did not go at all. If the writer would have just looked up specific words they did not know they would have realized what was being said. If any professor would read the paper how it is they would throw it out. The first paper read was beyond terrible! I do not believe the writer read any of the information I sent them. It did not follow any of the needs and did not resemble my personal life at all, even though I sent the needed info. They also included examples of "real life" clients I "had" and said I had experience in areas I have never worked with before. The second attempt had the bones but when actually read it did not make sense. I will use about half of it as a start and write the rest.

elicyn says:

at 2021-06-02 12:24:00


2.0 out of /5.0

If it was not for my time line I would ask for my money back. I gave specific instruction that was not followed. The sources was given in the instruction and was not used. I asked for double space and it was ignored.

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Leave your comment here

2.5 out of 5.0