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GeniusHelp Review

3.0 out of 5.0

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  • Updated: March 12, 2024
  • Based on 0 reviews
  • Author: Will Martins

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GeniusHelp Review


  • they offer a 3 hour deadline
  • you can have as many revisions free of charge as you need


  • mistakes in the paper
  • no quick online communication with the support
  • rather long order form, you will need time to fill it in
  • in my opinion quite expensive
  • 10 days limit for free of charge revisions
  • no guaranteed discounts
Owned by DDW Corp Limited
Years in operation 1
Minimal price per page $10.00
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy yes
Refund policy yes

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Recently I’ve come across another writing service GeniusHelp.pro owned and operated by GenCorp Limited and I became very curious whether they really can offer perfectly written papers for high school, college, university, master's, and Ph.D. as it is mentioned on their website. My first wish was to check how experienced they were, but unfortunately, I couldn't find this info anywhere. After that, I decided to check GeniusHelp.pro reviews looking for the date of foundation, and again, without any success. When I first entered the site, I received this notification and was rather pleased, expecting a good offer for me as a potential client.

What can I say about their special offer? Well, nothing. Because I’m still waiting for it, I don’t know what the problem was, and whether it’s just me who is that lucky, but I didn’t have the possibility to use any kind of special offer. Not a great start of cooperation, right?

Geniushelp: client assistance

It’s pretty difficult to talk about customer support in this case because the only way to communicate with them is by phone.

There is no pop-up window with the chat with customer support; they don’t offer a callback (ok, I’m going to pay money for my paper, can you at least call me without any expenses for me). I’m kind of an introvert, so I don’t feel comfortable when I have to communicate in such a way. It would be much more convenient if they also indicated some other ways of communication for those who need client support.

Personal experience

As I’m fond of traveling, I decided to indicate as the topic of my paper “The most attractive European countries for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on a trip”. I can’t say there were many typos or grammar mistakes. I’ve only noticed two cases. In one sentence, there was a wrong choice of tense, something like “even if you has been there five years ago”, and the other was a typo in the word “airplane”. But what shocked me the most was the sentence about Istanbul being the capital of Turkey. Of course, I understand that it’s one of the biggest cities in the country, but if you write a paper about traveling, you should at least check your knowledge of geography before sending the work to your client. I’m sure they don’t write about such cases in GeniusHelp.pro reviews, but just as advice, be ready and double-check your paper.

Geniushelp.pro: booking process

The order form is not very complicated, but I didn’t like that you could not check all the information required without filling in some data. For example, I wanted to check what Personal information they needed from me, but as you can see on the screen below, you first have to indicate the subject and type of paper you need. I’m very conscious about my personal data, so I didn’t like this moment. The rest of the information they ask for is typical, but you must write a lot, so if you read in some GeniusHelp.pro review that you can fill in the order form in like 5 seconds don’t believe it.

Prices & discount offers

The offered prices are the following:

  • High school - $10 per page
  • College - $14 per page
  • University - 16$ per page
  • Master’s - $22 per page
  • Ph.D. - $29 per page 

I can’t say that it’s considerably more expensive than other writing services. But if I hadn’t seen the GeniusHelp.pro review, I would have looked for some other a bit cheaper service. For my three-page paper with a three day deadline, I paid $66,99. Well, it would be pretty expensive for a student, I guess, especially considering that the topic is not very difficult. I couldn’t find any information about discounts; maybe it was supposed to be in that letter with special offers that I’m still waiting for.

Edit requests

The clients can expect to have free revision as many times as necessary, but only within 10 days from the final deadline in the system of the service. And if you want more time, like 20 days for example, the price of your work should be at least 490$. Also keep in mind that if you change the initial instructions even slightly, you will have to pay 60% of the original price to do the revision. In my opinion it’s not very client oriented and I was expecting to see this in some GeniusHelp.pro reviews.

Geniushelp.pro review: end result

Regarding the final quality I can definitely say I’ve seen much worse cases. But at the same time I think that some positive GeniusHelp.pro reviews are a bit exaggerated. Yes, the quality of my paper was not awful, but when you go to the hairstylist you expect them to do their job perfectly and that you will not have to cut your fringe at home by yourself. The same thing here, I don’t want to check the paper I've paid for and correct someone’s mistakes. 

Author expertise

If we talk about writers’ proficiency I think some of them are quite professional as it is very difficult to work in the sphere of writing service if none of your writers can write good essays or articles. But as it happened with my paper, the writers make mistakes. I wrote about it in detail in my GeniusHelp.pro review.

Genius Help: user feedback

I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or a bad one but people don’t talk a lot about this service. Yes, you can of course find some positive GeniusHelp.pro reviews but check the screen from Trustpilot without fresh reviews at all. So it is pretty difficult to say is GeniusHelp.pro legit or not.

Rewards scheme

On their page there is not much information about loyalty programs. It is only indicated that the service can offer some special promotions, whatever it means, and discounts at their discretion. I also looked through their reviews but couldn't find anything about loyalty programs in any GeniusHelp.pro review.


Is GeniusHelp.pro scam? In accordance with my experience, you cannot completely trust this company. The risk of receiving a low quality paper is quite high.
Is GeniusHelp.pro legit? It’s not easy to say unambiguously whether they are legit or not. It seems to me that GeniusHelp.pro lacks experience. So, just be cautious.
Is GeniusHelp.pro trustworthy? Judging from my experience you can expect them to fulfill the deadline. But just in case, read the paper before sending it. You might find some mistakes.
Is GeniusHelp.pro a good service? Well, if you asked me to summarize my whole experience, as a conclusion I would say that GeniusHelp.pro is not a good service. Our communication wasn’t quick and comfortable, and the quality was not as good as I’d expected.

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