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  • Free bibliography and sources
  • Real support agents, not bots


  • Unprofessional writers
  • Plagiarism
Owned by Writeperfect Ltd.
Years in operation 13
Minimal price per page $9.99
Deadline 1 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Essaywriter.org is a longstanding entity in the academic writing service industry, with a history stretching over ten years. This considerable duration of operation positions it among the older companies in this market segment. The ownership of Essaywriter.org falls under Writeperfect Ltd., a detail that connects it to a broader network of similar service providers.

User Experience

Need honest Essaywriter.org reviews? Check this one! During my interaction with Essaywriter.org, the user experience was notably subpar. Moreover, the lack of a coherent and unique style for the website further contributed to a disjointed and unsatisfactory user journey​​.

Essaywriter.org: Paper Quality

Is EssayWriter scam? This was the hottest question for me when placing the order on the platform. Since there were little to no real Essay Writer reviews on independent feedback services like Sitejabber and Trustpilot, purchasing an essay on the platform was extremely risky.

My personal experience with the paper quality from Essaywriter.org was disheartening. I ordered a 2-page college essay on Biology, expecting expertise and professionalism as suggested by the service and some Essaywriter reviews. However, the outcome was deeply disappointing.

The paper lacked depth and appeared to be written by someone with either insufficient knowledge of the subject or an outdated understanding of the topic. Moreover, plagiarism in the submitted work was a critical, unacceptable issue in any academic setting. This experience contrasts with the company's claims of employing experienced and professional writers​​.

Price to Quality Ratio

Here is another part of my Essay Writer review. The pricing structure of Essaywriter.org is within the range of typical writing services, with a base price of $13.28 per page for a 30-day deadline and a higher rate of at least $41.47 per page for tasks required within an hour.

Essaywriter.org: Discounts

The main page has a handy pricing calculator, so you can easily discover the final price of your paper before placing the order. Mostly, the prices are similar to other writing solutions.

Several Essay writer reviews say there was no welcoming discount for new clients. Maybe that’s something new they added after paying attention to their customers' opinions, but I found this discount for newbies at the very bottom of the homepage. But considering how disappointed I was because of the quality of the paperwork, this discount didn’t impress me much.

But as far as I understood, no discounts are available if you place a large order or several orders simultaneously. By the way, I also didn't discover any discounts or other promo codes shared by students on essaywriter.org reviews.

Checkout Process

Is Essay Writer legit? Maybe! Navigating the checkout process at Essaywriter.org was a mixed experience. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Select service and assignment details.
  2. Create your account and Essaywriter.org login.
  3. Provide instructions and pay for your assignment.

Post-login, the finalization of the order was straightforward, although the lack of transparency in pricing adjustments based on selected options was a concern. The absence of a clear breakdown of costs until the end of the process could lead to unexpected expenses for users.

Author's Competence

When I was searching for essaywriter.org reviews, I was pleased to discover that most students were feeling happy with their papers. But not me. My essay on Biology was completely unprofessional and contained tons of plagiarism.

People Talking

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When you search for the essaywriter.org Reddit reviews, you will be confused by the number of websites with similar names. You can easily get lost in all these EssayWriter titles, so don't expect to find something important about the needed service.

However, I discovered some reviews on using the platform and find them to be too controversial. I also doubt that all the positive reviews were written by real customers.

Essaywriter.org: Guarantees and Customer Support

Each Essay Writer review often highlights mixed experiences regarding guarantees and customer support. While Essaywriter.org promises certain standard guarantees like timely delivery and plagiarism-free content, adherence to these promises can be inconsistent. This is why you need honest Essay Writer reviews!

Loyalty Program

So, is Essaywriter.org legit? Essaywriter.org offers a range of complimentary services, indicative of an attempt to add value to their offerings. The loyalty program includes:

  1. 14-day revision period.
  2. Direct communication with the writer.
  3. Inclusion of sources in the paper.
  4. Provision of a bibliography.
  5. Continuous support.

Despite these free services, the overall cost of orders remains higher, diminishing the perceived value of these complimentary offerings.

Essaywriter.org: Verdict

Concluding my Essaywriter.org review, the service presents a paradoxical mix of comprehensive service offerings and inconsistent quality. The quality of the writing, user experience issues, and customer support's questionable effectiveness considerably undermine the overall value proposition. As you can see, my Essaywriter review is cristal honest!


Is Essaywriter.org a scam? Based on my experience, Essaywriter.org does not seem to be an outright scam, but the quality and consistency of its services are questionable.
Is Essaywriter.org legit? Essaywriter.org operates as a legitimate business entity, but concerns regarding service quality and value for money persist.
Is Essaywriter.org safe? The platform provides a standard level of data safety and transaction security, though user discretion is always advisable.
Is Essaywriter.org trustworthy? Trustworthiness varies; while some services are delivered as promised, others fall short of expectations.

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Comments (4)

rbakr4 says:

at 2023-07-06 21:15:00


3.8 out of /5.0

Writer took too long to fix issues but did end up fixing them

ann.supyr says:

at 2023-07-02 23:04:00


3.2 out of /5.0

this is the worst assignment i've ever received. even after 4 revision, the writer never improved, after 2 revision, support agent guarenteed to get an improved order and asked for me one revision but still the writer didn't. after 3rd revision as well, the agent still insisted they will get it right for me. i have always instructed and described all words repeatedly. i have also given my assignment brief which the writer has to writer from it. nevertheless, the writer didn't follow my brief or instructions and did very general with what he wanted even after till 4th revision. this is very frustrating. i asked for him to draw chart and diagram giving him 3 sample assignments and yet the writer never get me one. i ordered with the top writer, the best one, not pro or standard one. the result was really unbelievable. i am really fed up with this order, if i were to submit this, i am not sure if i will ever pass this. sad and frustruated.

jyan114588 says:

at 2023-08-01 11:41:00


0.5 out of /5.0

so disappointed for this time work, don't wanna use essay writer any more

meredith_l says:

at 2023-08-13 18:19:00


3.3 out of /5.0

had to submit too many revisions.

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