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Essayedge Review

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Essayedge Review


  • I didn't find any real advantages of getting your papers edited by the service


  • Extremely high prices for all the packages
  • No 24/7 support
  • Low-quality editing services
  • No discounts for new and current customers
  • Fake positive reviews
  • No refund
Owned by Student Media LLC
Years in operation 22
Minimal price per page $69.00
Deadline 24 hours
Revision policy No
Refund policy Yes

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The first impression of visiting an official website of the EssayEdge is quite positive. Is EssayEdge legit? According to the information available on the platform, it is a legal editing service with a whopping number of benefits.

EssayEdge is proud to have only native English-speaking editors from Ivy League Schools.

However, do all these advantages really work? What is the quality of service offered by the platform?

In this essayedge.com review, you will discover my own experience of using the service. Although everything looks good at first glance, I faced lots of issues when dealing with EssayEdge.

Essay Edge Review: Client Assistance

Upon initiating my journey with the service, I was promptly met with disappointment, particularly regarding customer support. The platform makes a pronounced guarantee of 24/7 support for all new and current customers. However, this promise fell short when I attempted to ask some questions in the live chat and was confronted with a bot instead of a human support representative. The status of the Support was incongruously marked as "Back later today." Where was the assurance of chatting with real people?

This misstep revealed that the service doesn't provide a round-the-clock support team, contrary to what is advertised. If you encounter any urgent issues, don't expect immediate assistance. You will inevitably be left waiting for regular business hours to establish communication with the platform's managers.

Adding to my frustration, I explored their website looking for special offers or discounts, specifically Essayedge coupon codes, only to find that information was also not easily accessible. Furthermore, I wanted to read more about other customers' experiences, but locating genuine Essayedge reviews proved a task.

Their support service's lack of efficiency and transparency significantly undermines the platform's credibility. Not only does it reflect poorly on their commitment to customer satisfaction, but it also leaves you stranded and neglected if you have immediate concerns. If you are considering this platform, be prepared for potential delays and a lack of human interaction in their support channels. It seems that their marketing and support system may need a comprehensive overhaul to fulfill the promises they make to their clientele truly.

Essay Edge Review: My Paper Experience

Although Essayedge.com is surely not the most budget-friendly editing service out there, I decided to take a leap and use it at my own risk. The burning question on my mind was, "Is EssayEdge worth it?" As I delved into the process, I discovered the answer to this question was unfavorable. Unfortunately, my experience turned out to be worse than I had expected.

I placed an order to get my admission essay proofread, fully aware of the substantial cost involved. Despite the investment, the final version of my paper still contained some typos! It was an unexpected outcome, given the reputation and the cost associated with the service. I was forced to review my essay again, a task I thought I had delegated to professionals. The time spent fixing the misprints missed by the editor left me feeling like I had merely wasted my money.

In this Essay Edge review, I must highlight my unmet expectations. There are numerous Essay Edge reviews online that seemed promising, but my personal experience painted a different picture. I trusted Essayedge.com to review my essay and deliver quality work, but the outcome was disappointing.

I also noticed that the website offers various discounts and incentives, but those didn't compensate for my dissatisfaction. The question, "Is EssayEdge worth it?" weighed heavily on my mind as I reviewed the service's failure to provide the quality I expected. If someone plans to review my essay, I expect flawless execution, especially from a well-known platform like this one.

Overall, this Essayedge review is a cautionary tale for those considering this platform for their editing needs. The lack of attention to detail, the necessity to review my essay after paying for professional services, and the overall dissatisfaction with the process have led me to conclude that better and more reliable options are likely available. Read multiple Essay Edge reviews and thoroughly evaluate the platform before deciding. Your hard-earned money deserves a service that lives up to its promises and delivers impeccable quality.

Essays Edge: Submission Interface

The order form provided by Essayedge.com initially impressed me with its simplicity and clarity. It's designed to allow you to easily specify your requirements and provide the intricate details of your paper. Everything is laid out clearly; even those unfamiliar with the platform will likely find it intuitive. At the bottom of the page, you'll find a 24-hour rush option, a feature that seems attractive to those needing immediate service from Essay Edge.

However, my experience with this option was far from satisfactory, and I must caution potential users against it. The fact is that I paid an extra $59 for this 24-hour rush option to get my essay done ASAP, expecting a seamless and swift service from Essayedge. Sadly, the promise was unfulfilled, and I failed to receive my essay on time. Therefore, this rush option emerged as just another useless feature designed to charge more money from customers.

As a part of this in-depth analysis, I also explored other aspects of the Essay Edge submission interface. Apart from the rush above option, the platform offers various customization choices and additional services, giving the impression of a comprehensive and user-oriented experience. However, my experience has led me to question the reliability of these offerings.

When using Essayedge.com, it's essential to weigh your options and expectations carefully. While the interface is user-friendly, and the service presents itself as an efficient solution, my experience has revealed underlying issues. Particularly, the failure to meet the 24-hour rush deadline not only resulted in disappointment but also led me to question the overall integrity of Essayedge.

In conclusion, although the submission interface is well-designed and seemingly efficient, I would advise potential customers to approach it cautiously. My experience with the 24-hour rush option, in particular, proved problematic, reflecting a potential inconsistency between the promises and the delivery of the service by Essay Edge. Always consider the real value and reliability of a service rather than being swayed by appealing features and offers.

Essay Edge Review: Savings and Cost Structure

The reality is that EssayEdge is extremely expensive. I was just amazed by the whopping prices for editing services. The cheapest package will cost you $69 per 0-600 words (about 2 pages) with no extra functions.

The platform's editing services are even much pricier than getting your essay done from scratch on the other online solutions! By the way, many writing apps offer free editing!

Essay Edge Review: Revisions

Unfortunately, I didn't use this function since my essay was not delivered on time. I needed to make the edits fast to meet my admission deadlines. However, I also find something interesting about using the service you definitely need to know about.

According to EssayEdge, you are not allowed to get a refund in case you are not satisfied with the paper's quality! Well, looks quite suspicious.

Essayedge Review: Amendments

This EssayEdge review proves that the service is not a scam. Nevertheless, the quality of papers after editing is not the best. In case you want a flawless and perfectly-polished essay, you will still need to modify it by yourself.

Author's Competence

When I looked for EssayEdge reviews, I was feeling inspired by lots of positive feedback regarding the proficiency of the platform's editors.

However, this rule didn't work for me. My editor was not attentive or skilled enough to improve my admission essay.

Essayedge.com: Web Reputation

Before placing the order, I did some research to find the real Essay Edge reviews on various independent services. I found lots of positive feedback and was glad to finally pick up a reliable platform.

Then suddenly I noticed some odd things. Most reviews were placed by bots! The fact is that almost all people who left feedback about using the service didn't provide any other reviews except on Essay Edge.

Furthermore, most feedback was placed during the same period of time. In other words, the majority of the reviews appeared to be fake.

If you need to find a real Essay Edge review, you will need to spend lots of time to unveil the hidden truth about the service.

Loyalty Options

Surprisingly, I didn't find any coupons or discount codes for new clients. Moreover, there are no discounts offered to regular customers. It is an expensive platform that gives you no chance of saving your money.

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Is essayedge safe? They guarantee complete confidentiality, but it's nothing compared to bad conditions in the refund policy. The main company's goal is to take your money and leave with nothing. It's not safe at all.
Is essayedge scam? It seems so, or at least this company looks quite suspicious. It is impossible to get a refund if you don't like the delivered paper.
Is essayedge legit? Except for the revision policy, I decided to look through the offered refund policy. Its conditions shocked me! You are not allowed to get a refund if you are not satisfied with the paper quality.
Is essayedge reliable? This company even couldn't edit well my short essay, but the price for it was really high. It seemed that my paper didn't change at all, and they just had paraphrased a couple of sentences.
Is essayedge trustworthy? This writing service is so tricky, so I don't recommend trusting them. As I wrote above, most of the EssayEdge reviews were fake and placed by bots.

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assiramecm says:

at 2023-07-31 17:25:00


2.8 out of /5.0

The paper is mediocre it still doesn't meet the guidelines I had given for the writer after 4 tries for nearly $50 I would have expected more.

mojothatsme says:

at 2023-08-11 18:20:00


3.5 out of /5.0

Felt like there was a communication problem with what exactly was being asked. When they saw a program it was assumed they could do the written part due to having the program available to them. I was asking for the detail so I could put it in the program. First, the paper is written then put into the program to match the paper.

tmo811 says:

at 2023-08-08 12:48:00


1.7 out of /5.0

This paper is terrible, I gave the writer all the information needed for this paper and they did not follow any of my directions. Even after the revision the paper was still lacking the required information that was given in one of the submitted files.

ayokaasha20 says:

at 2023-08-18 11:56:00


1.8 out of /5.0

The writer did not do a good job in this case stud,y second paragraph was bad. this is a poor write up, this did not satisfy all the instructions.

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2.5 out of 5.0