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by Will Martins / Updated September 17, 2022

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Academic writing is an exhausting undertaking that requires a lot of time, effort, persistence, and knowledge. Additionally, excellent writing skills, the ability to read and comprehend information, and analyze the results of the studies are indispensable for learners who are working on research papers. 

In the overwhelming majority of instances, amateur students have no idea how to start working on the project and succeed with it. What are the parts to be included in the text? What is a discussion section of a research paper, and why should it be mentioned? What aspects should be highlighted in the passage? 

Apart from the standard introduction, main body, and ending, the research project should contain a few more chapters, including the analysis part. A lot of amateur writers mix this passage with a conclusion, making a considerable mistake. In fact, it is a separate part of the work, the main purpose of which is to inform the audience about the suggestions of your study that are based on the investigation results. 

Do you need to get more information about the discussion part of a research paper? Keep reading the article to get inspired and guided through the academic paper writing process. 

What Is a Discussion Section in a Research

The discussion section for research papers is the central passage that emphasizes the meaning and prominence of the study results. Consequently, it remains one of the fundamental parts of the work, the goal of which is to give detailed information about the study verdict, show the link between the research questions and data review, and make a claim supporting the denouement. 

Browsing the web in search of a comprehensive discussion section of a research paper example, you may get puzzled, as there are many techniques that can be used to compile this part of the project. However, you should always focus on the core elements that cannot be ignored, including:

  • Interpretations
  • Implications
  • Limitations
  • Recommendations

In some instances, students manage to combine a research paper discussion with the closing paragraph, but it is indispensable to make sure the passage contains information about the issues of your research, their meaning, and their relation to the hypothesis. 

How to Write a Compelling Discussions Part

Working on a discussion section of research paper, most students make maximum effort to fit it into a single paragraph. However, there is always an opportunity to increase it and describe the specifications of your study in a few short paragraphs. Although its size is not strictly regulated, it should be concise and well-structured. 

Are you ready to dive into work on the discussion part of research paper? Check out the key elements you should include to create a comprehensive and relevant project. 

Summarize the Key Findings from the Research

The first and the most fundamental part of the analysis segment is the reiteration of the research objectives. It is inevitable to start with a detailed analysis of the study problem and statements made at the beginning of the work. Then, the learner should recap the findings, highlighting the critical ones. In fact, there is no need to simply repeat the information, as the intention of the discussion is to show the relation between the research question and findings. 

Place the Findings in Context

Although the value of the work may seem clear to you, it is critical to explain its prominence to others. Therefore, the learner should mention several sentences that explain the context of the findings and their prominence. 

Mention and Discuss any Unexpected Results

Once you are ready with the preceding points, you should move to more distinct aspects of your work, explaining the unexpected results and discussing their specifications. Draw a parallel between theoretical knowledge and practical findings. 

Address Limitations or Weaknesses in the Research

Even the most profound and comprehensive research has certain downsides and limitations. It is indispensable to talk to them in order to keep your paper credible and relevant. Do not mix the research weaknesses with the mistakes you make. 

Provide a Brief Look at Potential Follow-up Research Studies

Although the main goal of a discussion piece is to emphasize the most substantial judgments, the learner should also mention the significance of the paper for future studies. Alternatively, the students may provide quick recommendations on how the paper can contribute to the development of the field. 

Conclude with a Restatement of the Most Significant Findings and Their Implications

Finally, it is indispensable to make a reasonable conclusion, highlighting the most prominent aspects once again. Keep the closing passage short, clear, and concise. 

Example of a Discussion Part in a Research Paper

Have you read all the guidelines but still find it challenging to cope with a discussion in a research paper? Here is a short extract from a sample discussion paragraph that may inspire you and simplify your task. 

“The goal of this study was to investigate the level of academic success among college student with traditional and non-traditional sexual orientation. We analyzed the up-to-date information on the topic from relevant sources and examined the comfortability of different learners in situations involving the students of a non-traditional sexual orientation. Planned comparison revealed that the degree of comfortability depended on the majors a lot.”

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