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BBQ Papers Review

3.5 out of 5.0

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  • Updated: March 12, 2024
  • Based on 0 reviews
  • Author: Will Martins

We don’t recommend this service

BBQ Papers Review


  • customs support responds quickly
  • nice loyalty program


  • too expensive
  • not very client-oriented, not ready to make discounts
  • failed deadline
  • short revision period
Owned by Webdolphin LTD
Years in operation 9
Minimal price per page $5.85
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy yes
Refund policy yes

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I’ve decided to make a BBQ Papers review for you to warn you about one more academic helper that promises a lot but does really little.The first impression is that their webpage is not comfortable, it’s hard to navigate and search for information. It could have been organized better.


Client assistance

In any business, being client-oriented is the most important thing. I’m sure enough you can find some positive BBQ Papers review that will try to persuade you that the support works quickly and efficiently. And I must say that, yes, they answer pretty quickly. At the same time, was I satisfied with the conversation? This time the answer will be “no”. The service, I guess, has some minimum level of discounts informed to the support service. 

BBQPapers.com review: personal experience

I didn’t want to order some difficult paperwork, my idea was to check how they can deal with rather simple tasks, for example, 2-page creative writing. I really liked the topic that was chosen, “What if my pet could talk?”. The essay itself was written more or less fine. Of course, I’ve found some typos and a couple of missed commas, like after the word “however”. But the worst thing was that they failed to send me my essay within the deadline. The explanation from their side was that it’s due to the time difference. But is it really my problem? I did that on purpose, indicating the state I live in and my local time, as I have no idea where the service is from. I remembered the BBQ Papers review I read, that they have never sent the work to some of the clients, and thought that I was lucky to receive it with a delay and started thinking “Is BBQ Papers legit?” 

Booking process

I really don’t like when the process of order placement is difficult and requires some effort from your side. As I’ve read one of BBQ Papers reviews, I thought it would take me like less than a minute to order my essay. But, no. As I found out when I started doing that, I had to create an account, password and fill in the form. And I think it’s annoying because maybe, I’m not planning to use your service again.

Prices & discount offers

If you quickly look at the table below, you might think that you have found the perfect writing service, because the price of $ 6,77 for College students looks like a real bargain. But don’t be too excited. It’s not for the page! The price is indicated for 100 words. And if you are an experienced student, you know that an ordinary double-spaced page contains about 250 -270 words. I‘ve read a lot of BBQ Papers reviews, and not only I think that it was done on purpose to mislead and attract inattentive students who have their deadline tomorrow and will pay any money just to be on time with the paperwork.

BBQ Papers: edit requests

I’ve looked through many BBQ Papers reviews, and there was almost no information about it. And it’s not a surprise because to find this info on their webpage was a real challenge. You can request a revision only within 10 days after the submission of the paperwork. And you can have a free revision only in case the initial writer will do it, or the paper was not original. In case you change something in the instructions, you will have to pay additionally.

BBQPapers: end result

The quality of the paper was not that bad, not to mention typos. But the fact that the deadline was not fulfilled was rather disappointing. Especially considering the fact that if you read most of the BBQ Papers reviews you will not find any mention of such cases. And in my opinion, the fact that the writer did not manage to calculate correctly the time difference is not an acceptable excuse.

Author expertise

Well, of course, it’s rather difficult to form an opinion regarding the proficiency of the writers after only one order. At the same time, almost any BBQ Papers review repeats the same, all writers are very experienced. I just hope that it was a unique case when the writer didn’t manage to calculate the time of the deadline. 

BBQPapers.com: user feedback

I’ve noticed the contradictions between the BBQ Papers reviews that are posted on their webpage and the reviews that are available online. And what also surprised me is the mention on their site that they have an excellent rating on Trustpilot, but when you search for BBQ Papers there, you can see that their rating is 1.7, and it is considered to be a bad service. 

Rewards scheme

The loyalty program is quite easy and understandable. And taking into account their price, it will be very easy to earn the points. But actually, I couldn’t find any BBQ Papers review telling about how this loyalty program was applied.


Is BBQ Papers scam? It’s hard to say unambiguously because they have quite strange ways of quoting prices. And as well the revision period is very short.
Is BBQ Papers legit? I think that we can call the service legit, but they are definitely not the most reliable service. You can expect having some problems.
Is BBQ Papers trustworthy? I would not call the service trustworthy. If you have strict deadlines, don’t use their services.
Is BBQ Papers a good service? To know the whole story you can read my BBQ Papers review. This service cannot be considered a good one as they don’t fulfill deadlines and make mistakes.

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2.5 out of 5.0